Mockle MaaS概要

23/03/14 Open

Mockle MaaSとは

Mockle MaaS is a Kawachinagano City tourist information service that can be used either as an application or on the web.

Digital Stamp Rally now available on the app!

Mockle MaaS is a new service to enjoy Kawachinagano City more conveniently & economically. Find a place you want to visit and search how to get there. Buy and use special tickets and coupons. With "Mockle MaaS," everything is completed on your smartphone, so please enjoy sightseeing in Kawachinagano.

How to use Mockle MaaS Sightseeing in Kawachinagano is consolidated.
You will surely find attractive spots.
For more information ▶︎ Simply purchase and show your smartphone for unlimited-ride buses and
sightseeing cab tickets at a discount.
For more information ▶︎ A stamp rally that takes you around the city like a game.
Overlay an old map, and you'll enjoy the old-timey vibe, too!
For more information ▶︎

Mockle MaaS is available free of charge. In order to use convenient features such as ticket purchase and route search, you need to download the application. *Free JID registration or Plus mode registration is required to use some functions.

iOSストアQR AppStoreはこちら
AndroidストアQR GooglePlayはこちら

※The Japanese version of the "Transit Guide App" is required to use this service.

STEP 1. Please set the language setting of your device to Japanese.
STEP 2. Download the app from the store.(↑The link button to the store is at the top.
STEP 3. Please see "How to use" above.

Kawachinagano City is promoting MaaS initiatives.