Virtual Company Tour

Why don't you take a virtual tour of Kawachinagano's factories and companies? Please take a look at the interior that you can't usually see.

  • Change your hair, change your common sense, change the world A'zGRandGROW CO., Ltd.

    We run beauty salons called A'z Hair in Kawachinagano City and Sakai City, with the motto of "providing beauty 365 days a year", and are particular about not only our techniques and customer service, but also the interior design of our salons.
  • Neighborhood shopping center closely connected to local lifestyles Izumiya Shopping Center Kawachinagano, H2O Shopping Center Development Co., Ltd.

    Since our establishment, we have been working to become an entity that enriches the lives of the local community. We added the role of a local community development support center to become a "new shopping center" where local residents can come into contact with each other.
  • Made-to-order metal products to give shape to what you want EBi stainless Inc.

    We manufacture and sell metal products. We creates a variety of custom-made products from a single piece of metal, whether for home or business use.
  • Valuing the connection with our customers through our reliable "customer service skills“ MFK Co., Ltd.

    We operate NTT docomo Shops in Kawachinano and Tondabayashi.As our new project, We open smartphone class at Konomiya Nandai shopping center.
  • The "real taxi" you don't know yet is here! Nagano Branch, Osaka Daiichi Koutsu Sangyo Co., Ltd.

    In business for more than 60 years, We have an 80% share of the city's taxi market! We are developing new services such as "Mom Support Taxi" and "Motaku", an app developed by ourself, to reach the "ultimate in public transportation".
  • Vegetable farming with a focus on deliciousness and safety, and passing on a culinary culture kawabata farm

    Using a river inhabited by fireflies as its water source, we grow vegetables certified as "Osaka Eco Agricultural Products" using special fertilizers, and also focuses on the production and dissemination of traditional Naniwa vegetables.
  • Cutting-edge equipment that makes the impossible possible and free thinking Seimei Engineering Co., Ltd.

    We are a manufacturing company that specializes in machining. We have an unique technology for joining metals by frictional heat , and the free thinking makes "creation beyond imagination".
  • A comprehensive tool manufacturer that supports manufacturing around the world.TONE CO., LTD.

    We manufacture a wide range of products based on "bolt fastening". Our head office showroom displays over 4,000 products, including Japan's first work tools and power tools that hold the top share of the global market.
  • We will continue to work together with local residents in a bright, warm, and healthy mannerNagano Social Welfare Foundation

    We started our welfare activities around 1950. Currently, the company has opened five facilities in the city, including welfare facilities for the elderly and centers for childhood education & care, and provides a variety of welfare services.
  • We protect "life" through "transport" and create "the future"Japan Trans Net CO., Ltd.

    As the core of a transportation company that supports nationwide logistics, we continue to safely transport goods 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, incorporating new vehicles and IT technology and placing the utmost concern for our customers.
  • Making wheelchairs that accompany people so that everyone can spend their time comfortablyHige Kobo Co., Ltd.

    We make custom-made chairs and wheelchairs that are comfortable and enjoyable for people with physical handicaps and those around them, while staying close to people.
  • Building homes that protect the lives of precious family members in the event of a disasterPacifichome

    We are "building homes with love" in our hometown of southern Osaka, using Panasonic's Techno Structure construction method, which allows people to live the same way they did before, even after a disaster.
  • Just around all of us! The world of sheet metal working that supports our daily livesMizuho Kosakusyo Co., Ltd.

    Our business is metal stamping and precision sheet metal fabrication, and our corporate philosophy is "Quality is Life". We also strive to promote environmental preservation.
  • A base for outdoor life that is closely connected to and contributes to the local communityFIELD J:ACK User Co., Ltd.

    We have been active in Kawachi-Nagano for more than half a century under the motto of "creating things from scratch". We are developing new products for household, pet, outdoor, and many other fields.
  • 300 years of casting! Protecting the traditional "Yodoshi Brand”YODOSHI CORPORATION

    Founded 300 years ago, We are a casting manufacturer that produces parts for railroad cars and automobiles. While preserving tradition, we are constantly striving for technological innovation and quality improvement.