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Please take advantage of our great deals and convenient tickets & coupons that you can use to get around Kawachinagano!

Enjoy Kawachinagano City! Great deal digital tickets with privileges are now available


"Kawachinagano City Holiday Mockle Tickets" (available only on weekends and holidays) and "Kawachinagano City Off-Peak Mockle Tickets" (available only from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays), which allow you to use local buses and community buses in Kawachinagano City, are now available on mobile! You can buy them anytime, cashless and convenient and all you have to do is show your smartphone screen to get on and off the bus! You can easily use it for sightseeing in the neighborhood or for daily shopping. Why don't you enjoy the rich nature, history and culture of "Okukawachi"?

【Train lines covered】
・Nankai Bus (Kawachinagano City)
・Hino-Takihata Community Bus
・Mockle Community Bus
【Special Coupons】
・Kanshinji Temple (100 yen off entrance fee/adults only)
・Okukawachi Kuormaro Village (Roadside Station) (free rental bicycle)
・Okukawachi Kuormaro Village (Roadside Station) (free bread under 250 yen before tax)
・Obana Ryokan Fukitei (one-day bathing 500 yen)
・Amami Onsen Nanten-en (coffee or tea service)
・General Forestry Center "Kinkonkan" (100 yen off for woodworking kit experience)
・Kansai Cycle Sports Center (20% off admission)
・Kawachinagano Villa (one soft drink service) *Only available on weekdays.

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