Stamp rally with old maps

In this stamp rally, tourist spots are divided into six themes for visitors to enjoy their stay. When you go near the spots, you can earn stamps by GPS location information. Please enjoy a tour around Kawachinagano, a place rich in history and nature, as if you were back in time to the Edo period while looking at an old map!

Guide to Playing Digital Stamp Rally and Gifts

* The digital stamp rally can be enjoyed from the Jordan transfer guide app "Mokkuru MaaS (Kawachinagano mode)". You can check how to play the stamp rally and spots on this page.
Start the app or download it and enjoy!

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Visit 4 spots to get a "Mockle Stamp"!

Superimposed map of old and modern maps

This old map is "kasyuu-nisikibegun-ezu" produced in 1837 and shows the entire Kawachinagano City area. The map depicts major roads including Koya Kaido Road, rivers, mountains, temples and shrines, and historic sites such as now-defunct mountain castles.

A leisurely stroll around Teragaike Pond (World Heritage of Irrigation Facilities)

Teragaike Pond, with a circumference of approximately 2.6 km, is an irrigation facility of historical value built in the Edo period (1603-1868), with dikes built on the north and south sides of the valley to create a reservoir at the bottom of the valley. Nowadays, a promenade and park have been developed, and visitors can enjoy strolling around this relaxing place.

Let's walk along Koya Kaido Road(Japan heritage)

Koya Kaido Road, which flourished as an inn town on the road to Koyasan. From Kawachinagano to Mikkaichicho, historic streets still remain.

Japan heritage:Visiting Kanshinji and Enmeiji Temples (Feel the Medieval Period)

The area around Kanshinji Temple, a large temple that flourished in the Middle Ages, and the Osawa Highway still retains vestiges of those days and offers a peaceful satoyama landscape.

Japan Heritage: Visiting Women's Koya

Kongoji Temple continued to listen to women's wishes until the women's boundary on Koyasan was lifted. It is a sacred place of healing that continues to watch over women even today.

Let's be healed by rich nature!

The Takihata area is healed by abundant nature. The area around the dam is popular as a cycling course, and there is also a campground nearby.

Create, Eat, Watch, Learn

The area is home to the Kuromaro no Sato roadside station and the Flower Culture Park, where you can spend the whole day. Renting a bicycle from the roadside station is also recommended.