Excursion route

Kawachinagano, rich in history and nature, offers many ways to enjoy yourself. Why not take your time and explore Kawachinagano by foot, bicycle, bus, or cab?

  • Course1
    Let’s walk along the Koya Kaido Road

  • Course2
    Experience the Japan Heritage “Town where you can encounter the Middle Ages"

  • Course3
    Let's go out with the family and have all the fun we can!

  • Course4
    Temple and Shrine Tour and "Nanten-en" Day Trip Plan

  • Course5
    Mt. Iwawaki Trekking

  • Course6
    Explore Nature and History

  • Course7
    Enjoy the area around the Okukawachi Kuromaro Village (Roadside Station)

  • Course8
    Cab Tour of Kawachinagano's Scenic Spots